Create Next-Generation Instructions for Teams & Customers

Dux is an all-in-one tool to create, share & follow digital instruction manuals

Dux Platform Digital InstructionsDux Platform Digital Instructions
Dux platform in action to create lab instruction protocol demo.

Digital Instructions Are Better Than Printing Paper Instructions

Simpler. Faster. Leaner.

Creating instructions has never been easier. Only one tool required for creating, sharing & following.

Reduce Costs.

Reduce costly consumption of printer ink (more expensive than champagne). Use the Analytics Dashboard to understand how people use & follow your instructions.

Sustainability & Continuity is Key.

Paper instructions are wasteful and very unsustainable. Lower your carbon footprint with digital instructions accessible on all devices. Ensure seamless contininuity of knowledge when people leave or join your teams.


Create Digital Instructions Using Text, Images, Video & More

Lab Protocols

Create safety protocols, lab guides, and other how-to info to share with your faculty and teams. Dux offers a centralized storage for all your instructions where you can add and remove users anytime.

Lab protocol instruction following creating on Dux

Product Instructions

Multiple page instruction manuals are a thing of the past. Dux digital instructions provide handheld and web instructions for all your product offerings.

Boardball creates product instruction manuals on Dux and shares digitally with consumers without printing and wasteful costs.

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Dux Instructions Are Digital & Eco-Friendly