About Dux

Dux is an all-in-one platform to create, share & follow digital instruction manuals.

Born out of frustration with the waste from paper-based instruction manuals and improper storage solutions, we created Dux to help businesses adopt digital instructions.

Dux Platform Digital Instructions

The Flock Behind Dux

Our Principles

These core values embody every decision we make, and every line of code we push.


We believe in clear, upfront communication amongst our teams. There are no politics and everyone knows the big picture.


Feedback and ongoing development helps us all be better in our jobs. We regularly have open check-ins and coaching sessions.

Team Work

Everyone at Dux knows that we get farther together, and everyone must pull their own weight. Do your best work here.


Diversity and differences bring together world-changing ideas. Come as you are. Be who you are.

Our Mission

A new era of instructions

It’s no secret that everyone has had to deal with the displeasure of terrible instructions and the pain of what to do with them after you’ve been forced to read them. Digital instructions are cheaper for businesses, better for consumers, and greener for the environment. Dux aims to host every instruction in the world by 2050.

Sustainability is important. Period.

Dux helps reduce paper consumption and environmental impacts. It’s a Board-level priority in virtually every industry. As we move towards an all-digital world, sustainability will be evermore crucial to how consumers decide which products they purchase. It’s up to all of us to ensure we move towards a more sustainable future.