Boardball instructions are coming to Dux

Dux is reimagining instruction manuals for the 21st century. Leaner. Meaner. Greener.

With Dux, digital instructions manuals are always handy at your fingertips and online. No more paper waste from instructions manuals that we read once, or that we can never find again.

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Follow instruction manuals, guides and rulebooks on Dux

Digital instructions are easy to follow

Just like swiping on Tinder, instructions can be followed at your own pace by swiping left and right (minus the awkward flirting).

Save instructions at the tap of a button

Remember when you said you'd remember where you put something? Yeah, me neither.

Digital instruction manuals on Dux are accessible anytime, anywhere. No more arguing over "house rules" when you can pull up the Boardball rulebook on Dux.

Dux makes instruction manuals less terrible

Yeah, we know - instruction manuals are boring AF!

Dux makes instructions more fun by using popular elements such as video clips, GIFs, and memes. Guaranteed to provide minutes of entertainment!