Dux for Labs

Dux helps wet labs & research labs create digital instructions for faculty and staff.

Digital instructions on Dux can be shared with those in your class, faculty, or those who access & use your facilities.

Dux Platform Digital Instructions

Professors, Principal Investigators & Lab Administrators

Wet labs in private and academic institutions tend to be environments where sharing instructions is critical.

Dux helps professors, P.I.'s, and lab admins create & centralize all the instructions for a typical lab setting, such as: safety protocols, equipment usage, and other instructional guidelines for lab participants.

Dux is helping labs:
- Centralize all instructions and protocols
- Distribute instructions via Google Drive-like sharing
- Manage changes with real-time updates
- Analyze and understand painpoints and bottlenecks
- Save on paper printing costs

Dux platform creating instructions with different steps and elements. Share instructions.

Students, Researchers & Lab Participants

Onboarding students and researchers comes with many challenges. Dux helps labs share instructions digitally, where anyone with access can follow on any device.

Dux is helping:
- Improve workspace with mobile-friendly format
- Instructions be more durable, resistant and transferable
- Students learn better by adding notes and comments to improve existing instructions
- Limit need for supervision

Dux platform mobile desktop follower
Dux is easy to create, save and follow instructions on mobile

Never Lose Lab Instructions Again

Institutions Get Further Ahead Using Dux

Academic and private institutions use Dux to reduce their carbon footprint, increase business continuity for labs, and promote innovative lab practices & team cohesion.

The average academic institution spends over $1M annually on creation and sharing of lab instructions. Sharing instruction digitally reduces paper (and tree) consumption. Use our handy calculator to see how many trees your institution consumes annually.

Dux's digital instructions also allow for seamless continuity in high-turnover environments and improve Business Continuity in the event of an incident.

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