Instructions for the 21st Century

Some are glossy and colorful, others matte and muted, but all ultimately begin with unnecessary resource consumption.

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October 7, 2021

As the world creeps up on the first quarter mark of the 21st century, technology in all areas of life continues to evolve to suit the needs of a population that is increasingly acclimatized to a high-tech lifestyle. No television is complete without network capacity, cars without significant digital components are increasingly rare, and billionaires going to space is a surprisingly regular news item. In the shadow of all this advancement are the leftovers, aspects of our civilization that have lagged behind the rest. Dux is first and foremost a company of the future and aims to address one of these leftovers: instruction manuals.

Printed manuals are everywhere. It is a rare consumer product that does not arrive accompanied by a small booklet containing instructions for its use, maintenance, safety warnings, and disposal in several languages. Some are glossy and colorful, others matte and muted, but all ultimately begin with unnecessary resource consumption and end with needless waste production. A traditional manual once printed is static. Updates cannot be introduced without reprinting. It is easily lost or damaged and often disposed of after a single use.

Dux seeks to bring instructions of all kinds onto a modern platform that improves on all weaknesses present in printed manuals. Instead of static, rapidly obsoleted print runs, instructions hosted on Dux exist in a living instruction ecosystem, allowing them to be updated and modified as features shift, new versions are introduced, and fixes to problems are discovered. Instructions for new or different versions can be added to the original instruction folder if required, ensuring that customers always have access to up-to-date documentation, and our dynamic instruction templates make fast production of manuals straightforward while keeping contents engaging with tools for images, gifs, video, and more. With the Dux app, loss and damage need not be feared as every manual remains safe and forever available on the cloud.

The creation of Dux is a continuous process of innovation and development that depends heavily on the support and feedback of our users and customers.