Best Practices for Creating Instructions on Dux

Dux is an all-in-one platform to create, share & follow digital product instructions. Digital instructions are cheaper to create.

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September 20, 2021

Dux is an all-in-one platform to create, share & follow digital product instructions. Digital instructions are cheaper to create, versus printing out millions of pieces of paper that most customers will throw away. We've created a way to monetize product instructions. Cofounders, Arnab Barua & Martin Gagne, spent the last 18 months learning about instructions and user manuals from the people that use them - consumers! Read on to find out what we learned from them.

1. Keep it simple. No one likes to read long boring documents, and your customers are no different! They simply want to learn the basic functions of your product, start using it, and continue on with their lives. Often times, technical writers prioritize getting the most information out of their heads, onto paper, but they don't prioritize the consumer experience. Always keep your end users' experience in mind!

2. Use helpful images and media. With Dux, it's easy to create instructions from our template library (always expanding with new templates). You can quickly insert helpful media, like diagrams, images, and videos to explain a step in the process. Consumers quickly pick things up by watching others (it's why TikTok really blew up over the last 2 years).

3. Keep it fun! Yes, I know what you're thinking, "what's fun about instructions"? Truthfully, not a lot. BUT, you can change that. We built Dux to really prioritize the consumer experience, and consumers love fun things like emojis 🤩, GIFs, memes, you name it! The old way of doing business is boring and the new way puts a light airy spin to something as boring as instructions. With Dux, you can embed GIFs and memes. You'd be surprised how many Fortune 500 CEOs use emoji's in professional emails to convey a message!

4. Make them digital and social. Here's an excerpt from an interview we had with a consumer:

Dux: As a consumer, what do you typically do with instructions after?

Throw them away.

Dux: Why?

ED: Well, I just don't have the space or the want to keep them anywhere. Sometimes I keep them in a drawer or box somewhere, but they start piling up and I end up purging them sooner or later... so yea, end's up in the trash.

It's no secret, paper instructions are wasteful! Over 90% of people we spoke to said that they discard instructions after one-time use. That's a lot of paper waste that affects our planet.

Dux makes digital instructions easy to save and come back to at anytime at the tap of a button. Your customers can save instructions to their collection and can like, comment, and share with others. Dux can tie in cross-sell and other monetization features for your product instructions, this creates more revenue and awareness for you. After all, the more people that know about your products, the better!