Four Levers to Make Consumer Instruction Manuals Digital and More Useful

Paper instruction manuals do not keep up with product developments and quickly become obsolete.

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December 17, 2021

In the era of industry 4.0, many manufacturers are still neglecting their technical documentation. Or should we call them instruction manuals. At least, that's what their consumers call them.

Paper instruction manuals do not keep up with product developments and quickly become obsolete. Its accessibility is limited and no longer corresponds to the new working methods of your customers. It is time to consider new approaches to documentation - digital and evolving.

Our team has identified four main levers to make consumer instruction manuals digital and more useful:

  • Accessibility: this is one of the major challenges. The consumer wants to access the information regardless of their situation: from their computer, or mobile devices while on the move. Dux makes instruction manuals digital and available around the clock. Not to mention, a centralized place where you know you will find your instructions - sort of like a drawer full of your paper instruction manuals.
  • Clear, visual and up-to-date documentation: digital documentation platforms can be used to illustrate an operating procedure using photos, videos, or links to other information when relevant. Instructionc can be updated in a few clicks and sent out globally.
  • Collaborative documentation: reassured by documentation that helps them in their day-to-day operations, consumers might become contributors. A digital platform allows them to ask a question about a step in the instruction, view the answers or comments of other consumers, and even write digital work instructions themselves. As always, Dux is free to use, forever.
  • Multilingual: in order to avoid misinterpretations, it is necessary to make your documentation accessible in the user’s native language. Digital instruction manuals will allow the consumer to switch to the desired language with a single click or to improve certain translations when necessary. Our engineering teams are hard at work to make this a near-future reality!

By providing your consumers with a digital instruction manuals, you can increase customer satisfaction, improve revenue (hint hint, coming soon), and reduce your printing costs while working towards a greener and more sustainable future for your organization.