Why Businesses Should Stop Writing User Manuals with Microsoft Word

Instruction manual creation and printing is expensive! Microsoft Word just isn't cutting it anymore. This does not spark joy.

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December 17, 2021

Many manufacturers are still using word processors such as Microsoft Word because this is the way they’ve always made manuals or because they think word processors are simple. Then comes the expensive printing and distribution process. This does not spark joy. Perhaps the old way is broken and we need to come up with a new solution.

Companies now have the ability however to explore other ways of creating user guides and instruction manuals for their products. We have put together some reasons your company should forget standalone word processors and migrate to a Dux for all their instruction manual needs.

1. Centralize All Instruction Manuals In One Place
Dux allows your company to centralize all the guides and documents into one place. There’s not any searching for the most updated version of the manuals you need. You can get to all these documents easily, saving you time and frustration.

2. Flexible Creation and Elements
Choose your element and go! Text, Images, Video, GIFs, whatever your heart desires. Don’t have your team waste time trying to set a document layout up on a word processor. Using Dux's multiple element powers, your team can be focused on writing great instructions. In fact, organization have said they increased their instruction creation by 4x on Dux.

3. Real-time Updates. Anytime.
When a product has been updated like software versions or there have been many customers reporting an issue, simply update your manual. You can add more steps to clarify issues and processes. Maybe add an updated video to help guide the consumer. When it’s published, your global instruction is updated and all your consumers that saved it now have the updated copy. All on the same platform system. This leads to less customer support calls and an overall higher customer satisfaction.

4. Multilingual Manuals. Oui? Sí!
Create manuals on Dux in different languages. If your company has guides and manuals available in several language then you know how expensive translating and printing costs can be! Using an outside translation agency can really set your budget back! With Dux, your company is charge, saving time and money on productions of manuals in different language. Keeping the instruction manual creation in-house is just another great reason to go with a digital instructions platform like Dux!

5. Save Time and Money
Our all-in-one instruction creation platform allows writers to begin writing easily, no extra training is required. Your team will spend less time writing, editing, reviewing, even publishing. Not to mention, eliminating the costly printing process from instruction manuals. Your organization will require less applications, software, and "cooks in the kitchen" eating away at your profits, for something as overlooked at instruction manuals.

6. Generate Revenue!
Dux is working on changing how you market your other products to current consumers. Perhaps the family that bought your coffee table will also be a prime candidate to be upsold to the match end tables. Advertising and marketing on Dux can be more efficient and generate more revenue for your organization. Our engineers work hard tirelessly and run on Red Bull and Sunchips to bring these next-gen features to life.

7. End-User Satisfaction & Feedback
If your company is satisfied with your instruction manuals, then that’s wonderful, but what about your consumer? The people that truly matter. Dux has commenting features that allows for a two-way communication channel between the manufacturers and their consumers. Adjust your content in real-time as you receive feedback from your consumers. Gone are the days of waiting for annual reprints! Let your customers know their feedback matters and send out in-app notifications and updates at any time of year.