Digital Instructions Manuals for Consumer Products

Dux helps product manufacturers and sellers create digital instruction manuals for consumers to access & save.

Digital instruction manuals can be shared with consumers without costly printing expenses.

Dux Platform Digital Instructions

Create Digital Instruction Manauls for Your Product Offerings

Digital instruction manuals are cheaper, simpler and better than paper instructions.

Dux is helping product manufacturers create and distribute instruction manuals on Dux. This reduces printing costs, reprints, and the hassle of your consumers losing their instruction manuals.

Create instructions with unlimited number of steps, using Text, Images, Videos and more! 

Dux's mobile format makes it easy to access instructions anytime and on-the-go. Consumers can access and save these instruction manuals to their accounts for easy access in the future.

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Paper Waste Is Real & Rampant

Over 90% of consumers throw instruction manuals away, which is unsustainable and creates headaches for your Customer Support teams when consumers need to troubleshoot.

Since most manuals get thrown away, why bother printing paper copies for every product sold? Dux makes digital instructions easy for both the manufacturer and the consumers.

Use our handy Tree Consumption Calculator to figure out how many trees your organization consumes annually!

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