Why Dux is cheaper, greener & leaner than paper-based instructions

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Digital is always better than analog

Dux makes instruction manuals better for consumers, businesses, and the planet

Simpler, faster, cheaper

Creating instructions has never been easier - only one app required for creating and sharing

Monetization features

Dux helps businesses make more money from something that was once a boring sunk cost - instruction manuals

Less wasteful

Over 90% of consumers throw instructions away after one use, but on Dux, they live forever digitally

Printing instruction manuals could be costing your organization up to $1 per unit sold

The cost for printer ink is more expensive than rocket fuel! Digital instructions on Dux are significantly cheaper.

Share Dux instructions publicly, in groups, or with a shareable link

Sharing instructions digitally is the most sustainable way to reduce your carbon impact

Sharing Instructions in Groups

Create and manage Groups for work, projects, events, friends & family, or whatever your heart desires. Invite and add users to conveniently (and, secretly) share instructions.

Sharing Instructions with Customers

If you manufacture or sell products which require instructions, Dux makes it easy to share digital instruction manuals with customers, and update in real-time. Our platform also provides business analytics, and allows you to monetize your instruction manuals with ads and cross-sell features.

✨ Magic Links and QR Codes

Send a ✨ Magic Link to anyone on the web, and they’ll be able to view the instructions you create. You can also place QR stickers onto product packaging to make accessing product instructions effortless. Talk to our team!

Monetize instruction manuals in a way that paper never could

We’ve changed how you cross-sell and upsell - after your consumers receive and open your products

Ads and Revenue Share

Choose to let Dux run some advertisements on your digital instructions. Some Pro accounts may be eligible for sharing in the revenue we collect from advertisers.

Cross-sell Complementary Products

Businesses typically have higher margins for ancillary and add-on products. Market and monetize your different product offerings by infusing cross-selling elements.

Learn from Analytics Dashboards

Use the analytics dashboard to learn about how consumers access and follow your products’ instructions. Drive better business results by increasing revenue and/or decreasing costs using Dux Platform.